Thursday, May 13, 2004

Prisoner Abuse is TREASON against America's Image

As many of you who have read my past posts know I am no supporter of the Iraq conflict. I think it is imperialistic tyranny of the grandest sort.
I also think that the black eye on the face of the American people the prisoner abuse scandal has caused is exactly the kind of problem one can expect in imperialism. It serves to reinforce the imperialistic ideas that are being fed to Bush's HJ, I mean young soldiers.
Mankind born in the image of God, knows what is proper and improper treatment of another human. When a soldier chooses to treat another human in this fashion, under orders or not, that person alone has VIOLATED there humanity and should alone pay the penalty. An investigation should ensue to bring TREASON charges against ALL those guilty of this assult against the integrity of America. The officers who ordered these attacks, along with the soldiers who carried them out should face the consitutional penalty of treason.
I can not for a moment believe however that this goes any higher than Lt. General Sanchez, if even that high. I belive to implicate Donald Rumsfeld and General Meyers in this is foolishness. I guess however only time will tell.

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