Thursday, May 06, 2004

Google Me This Bowman

Google is a far as I am concerned the coolest technology in existence. I love Google! However I need Google for Personal Computers. That is right, I want to either
A. Pay Google To Run a System That indexs every file and email on my computer.
B. Use Google's targeted search to allow them to actually give me relevant ads based on the file or email I am seraching for.

That is right, B is my preference and I am willing to givew the advertisers of google permission to watch my every search, on my local computer in order to provide me with GoogleMe!

Now I am sure some feel good politician will prevent me from ever seeing GoogleMe! as a reality. But Google me this, "Why should I not have the right to allow Google this "privacy violation" if I want this COOL feature for free.

I WANT my GoogleMe!

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