Friday, May 14, 2004

Justice For Nick Berg's Killer

The death of Nick Berg is a tragedy. A horrid tragedy that must be avenged. As I wrote yesterday the soldiers and officers involved in the torture and humiliation of the Iraqi people should be punished. That does not mean however that I do not feel that these monsters should be brought to justice as well.
I only wonder what of Bush's Propaganda convinced Nick Berg to go. I only wonder if George's adminstration sees the blood on their hands as well. I only wonder if the family of this young man supports the LIES their son was told by our president about the "peace loving muslims of Iraq."
We must come home! We must withdraw ALL political entalgements with these people. We CAN NOT create a peace loving Islamic world, and we are only losing soldiers and young idealist like Nick Berg in the process. We are only turning our own soldiers into these monsters we despise.
Peace with Islam will never exist. George W. Bush and his fellows in arms who send our soldiers to make that happen will bear their blood.

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