Wednesday, January 28, 2004

SCO, Getting What's Coming?

Now I know nothing at all about the world of virus writing. My days of a disk full of collected viruses ended 5 years ago, and I have since accepted a much more mature online lifestyle. All that being said, the rebel in me wants to shout, "YOU GO GIRL!!!" to the person or people who planned a large scale Denial of Service attack on SCO.
SCO wants to win in the courtroom bacause it can't in the marketplace, and that type of behavior is INTOLERABLE.
Now the more rational side of me understands that violence is never a means to a solution. I also understand that we can never as a society be supportive of this kind of vigilante justice, Personally I hope that SCO is ultimately destroyed in the courts it ran to and reduced to a purveyor of antique Egyptian sun god statues either you get it your don't, thinking to hard will only confuse you more), rather than being uselessly vandalised by a few malicious code monkeys.
People should make no mistake the writers of the My Doom virus are wrong. However people also need to let SCO know they need to fight in the market and not whine in the courts. The marketplace is where people used to prove their strength and honor as businesses.

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