Wednesday, January 07, 2004

My brother made reference to this Newsday article on Coffee yesterday in his blog. Now I being the student of natural health that I am, would like to provide a few points to consider in regard to the article.

1. The article points out that this was a DEMOGRAPHIC study, not a medical study. "more than 126,000 people filled out questionnaires reporting, among other things, their intake of coffee"

2. The doctor from the American Diabetes Associaton pointed out that it is "diet, weight loss, and excercise" that are proven to eleminate Type 2 diabetes.

Finally 1 for my brother-
3. There is no doubt that Coffee intake is a FAR BETTER solution to consume than Pop or Sugar Drinks. It is the natural presence of God's design for all plant life that equips it with it's design that far exceeds the design of man made soft drinks. This however does not make coffee intake GOOD, it merely makes it better.

This kind of junk science, gives a bad name to the diligent researchers who are looking not "toward illusory quick-fixes" but instead studying the body as a complete system, and studying the complete effects on a person's entire nutritonal profile.

I have emailed a link to this article to Dr. Joel Robbins and I will post any reply he sends to me.

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