Wednesday, January 28, 2004

Paying Taxes Today on Tommorow's Terroism

This article, Iraq's First Fulbright Scholars, illustrates how Pres Dub-ya, Senator Dashle and all their District of Crime Columbia minions want to steal your hard earned dollars to train tommorow's terrorist. It is apalling to me that Big Government wants to take away from my ability to reach my families finacial goals of becoming debt free so that they can educate members of a terrorist religion in American Universities. Personally I think we might as well consider academia members of a terrorist religion as well, but that is for another post and another day. This program, and all programs like it, are destined to bite us in the back. We must elect men and woment to poltical office who are commited to keeping government small and in the business of LEGITIMATE GOVERNEMENT ACTIVITES. This election year we must send a message to Washington. Read the article, and understand why!

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Susan said...

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