Saturday, October 19, 2019

The Librarian and The Witch (a Facebook comment)

So here is my theory. In all ancient cultures the village witch, served as the protector of the community’s sacred knowledge. She was healer, teacher, therapist, and priestess. Her role was materialist, transcendent, and sexual. Our collective unconscious has not forgotten this despite Christendom’s best effort to drive this woman out because her role was co-equal in power with the chief. As the chief preserved the sacred masculine the witch preserved the sacred feminine.

Western modernity with its roots so deeply in Christendom patriarchy has attempted to excise the sacred feminine. However, despite all that work, our collective unconscious knows the need for the sacred feminine by both genders.

Call me crazy, but this is where the librarian fetish comes from, it is a fetishization of an unmet unconscious need. The librarian in her role as guardian of information is an illusion for the witch. She is the arbiter of the sacred feminine for our modern culture.

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