Friday, September 08, 2017

Must Love Roller Coasters

Back in July my 10 year old told me that I should look for a girlfriend. He explained to me that his mom and I had been broken-up for years and she had a boyfriend, so I should have a girlfriend.
As if that part of the conversation was not cute enough, he then explained that lots of people look for girlfriends on Craigslist. So I should put an ad on Craigslist. BUT the ad had to start with "Must Love Rollercoasters" because he did not want someone in my life that would ruin our trips to amusement parks.

Obviously, I had no intention of posting a Craigslist Ad, but I did write the hypothetical ad I would post to a potential suitor.

Must love rollercoasters. I mean not exactly roller coaster per se; although actual roller coasters would be a bonus. I am a marginal enthusiast.  I mean you should have that kind of attitude and vigor for life and new adventures. Rollercoaster lovers are committed to experiences over things.

Must love books, movies, museums, the outdoors, and live theatre. I want to sit in a room and read with you, and too you. I want to glance up and catch your face the moment it just enlivens, inspired by the joy of brilliant writing. I want to nestle close alongside you and share the electric energy that passes between the stage players and their audience both as they present and as we process afterward. I want to watch a movie, and discuss ourselves to exhaustion and collapse into each other. I want to experience art and history together and watch the aliveness the great humanities use to enlighten our mindfulness to the magic of living experience.  I want to cuddle up alongside you by a fire, my arms wrapped around you,  our bodies sore from hiking the splendor of a forest trail.
Must have beautiful eyes; but then beautiful souls always have beautiful eyes, because it is the eyes that reflect  most honestly the inner essence of the soul.  Must be passionate about politics, religion, pop-culture,  justice and the planet. That passion always shimmers when you peer deeply into beautiful eyes.  You are the kind of woman who knows we have only one life to live in our time on earth and you plan to maximize it with mirth and  
In return, I will spoil you with with words and pour affection on your body. I will look deeply inside those eyes every opportunity I have to gaze. I will cover you in kisses so every inch of you knows how you excite every inch of me. I will kindle that shared passion for the extravagance of human experience. I will cultivate the planting  of our sapling romance till it blossoms into the love I want to give and share.
If you are that kind of woman, reach out to me. I am the kind of guy who's looking to fall in love with someone like you.

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