Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Peter Rollins - We are Bound to Each Other

Christianity is where we are loosed from the need to believe in some God who guarantees that life is meaningful so you can sleep well at night. So that you can say, "I know it's all going to be OK when I die, and everything is going to be great; and it doesn't really change who you are it's a belief that just makes you just function, and you are blind to the other.

But actually, God is nigh in the depth of being self. That you find God in nothing more than giving water to those who are thirsty, giving food to those who are hungry, to giving clothes to those who are naked, visiting those who are in prison, standing up for justice. Giving yourself utterly to love. You know, living by that sword, and dying by that sword. Because we all know if you live by the sword of love, you die by the sword of love & so we are now bound to one another.

- Peter Rollins

From the Sermon at RevolutionNYC, "Why the New Atheist Don't Go Far Enough"

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