Tuesday, October 26, 2010

My 2010 Ballot

It's election time, so I thought I'd throw out what my 2010 ballot will look like. It's quite a mix of parties and candidates, but it is consistent with my wishes to choose the best candidate based on an overlook of their entire platform.

Governor - Rich Whitney - Green - (http://www.whitneyforgov.org/)
Attorney General - Steve Kim - Republican- (http://stevekimforag.com/)
Senator - LeAlan Jones - Green - (http://lealanforsenate.org/)
House - Ben Lowe - Democrat- (http://www.loweforcongress.com)
State Senator - John Millner - Republican - (http://www.johnmillner.org/)
State Rep - Michelle Mussman - Democrat -(http://www.votemichelle.org)

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Anonymous said...

Your ballot is about as mixed as mine! Cyndi