Sunday, January 18, 2009

The Wrestling Dream

I had a dream last. In my dream my friend Big John introduced me to a friend of his who was working his way through the ranks of professional wrestling. He was not yet on level with a WWF, but this was his goal and he was moving toward this. In the course of conversation I ended up somehow (I actually don't remember this part of the dream) having to wrestle with him outside in a make shift wrestling ring. The wrestler could have EASILY hurt me, but it was all just a game, as in neither of wanted to hurt the other, but there was definitely pride on the line.

We wrestled for a long time. From time to time he would appear to be defeating me, but each time I would out maneuver him. A few times he would over power me, but I was always able to use my small size and quick speed to wiggle my way out of the situation. At one point toward the end of the fight I was even able to get him in a precarious position. I was latched onto his head with all four of my appendages my body covering his face. In this position, I could do nothing toward moving into winning, and yet despite all his strength, he could not throw or pry me from his face. It was an impasse.

At this time Big John called the match a draw and I woke up. In my mind there was verse waiting to interpret the dream. "It is GOD who works everything to his will. So Do everything without complaining or arguing so that you may become blameless and pure children of God." You won't find that rendering of Phil 2:14-15 in any translation, it was the verse floating in my head.

I offer this dream as a confession and an apology. I have certainly many times, over many years claimed that the work God was doing in me was more valid, or more correct than the work God was doing in others. I have fought "monsters of doctrine" much bigger and stronger than me under the guise of worshiping Jesus, while in reality it was a battle of pride. I have substitute the "pride of the match" for the joy of community.

We are the body of Christ, if the hand thinks the foot's job is unimportant that would just cause a mess. I am committing to honestly celebrating both what I hear the Spirit speaking in my soul, and also to listen to what the Spirit is speaking into others soul. I don't want to wrestle for the sake of pride, instead I want to BE the body of Christ, celebrating the body in every form, that TOGETHER we can shine like stars in the universe.

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