Monday, January 19, 2009

Not Giving But Utilizing

One of my beloved Martin Luther King Jr quotes is "When you are right, you can not be too radical..." In honor of MLK day today I am committed to focus my mind's attention on areas that call me to radical lifestyle change. I enjoy being right, but as the quote points out, right with out radical transformation is of little value to becoming the ones we are waiting for.

The difference between identification with society and the radical's ability to enact transformation into that society lies in the difference between the person willing to give their resources and the person willing to utilize their resources.

The giver, waits on the edge of problems, observing and seeking opportunity to enable the work of those in the fray through their resources. The utilizer dives in deep to the brokenness that surrounds them, and wields their resources as a tool to bring wholeness. The giver sends professionals, while the utilizer spends themselves. While the giver mourns the lack of qualified specialist, the utilizer sharpens his own awareness through practice.

MLK Jr looked into the face of systemic injustice and realized there was no panel of experts able to solve the issue given enough time and money. MLK Jr looked into the broken prejudices of his time and utilized himself and his belief in God's perfect plan of love and nonviolence. MLK Jr recognized the problem was too big for anyone to have anything to give, so instead he inducted himself and inspired others into the work of laboring their resources to break the partiality of their society's oppression.

Today I encourage you, as I encourage myself to live radical. Live like the citizens of another Kingdom. Live like ones who believe the resource of love totally utilized can save the world, since in fact, it already has.

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