Sunday, June 15, 2008

Happy Father's Day

How to pay honor to my dad this Father's day. Rich Mullins wrote of his dad, "he worked to give faith hands and feet and some how gave it wings." I have met few people who this could be said of. My father gave us a heritage of faith that has wings. My dad loved God, loved the church, and instilled that love in us. Bill Hybels said of a dad's legacy, "there is not a magic wand you wave there is only a life you live." My dad lived that life.

I do not mean to say my dad was perfect. But his imperfection was made whole and became a source of healing in Christ. When I was 16 years old, my dad sat my brother and I down in the living room, he confessed, repented, and eliminated the sin that had in various ways turned our hearts from him. The humility I learned from that event was FAR more healing than the damage of the sin he confessed.

I have very few close friends, yet truly my dad is one of those friends. I am still honored to learn from my dad as his son, and also sometimes to teach him as a peer. We share the love of being family, the camaraderie of similar interests, and the joy of close friendship.

There are So many people in this world whose parents have not poured their love, and God's love into their children. Mine Did!! There are so many people who have valued education, careers, sports, and other accomplishments over their child's faith. Mine did not. My dad taught us to study, to be servants, to work hard and to value family.

I am an adopted son of Almighty God called to be his hands and his feet to His orphans. I am called to love, disciple and provide for these forgotten sons and daughters. My life and my faith has wings because I am my father's son.

Happy Father's Day Dad!!! I want to be a dad like you!

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Elysa said...

Awww-w-w-ww...that is so sweet! You are truly blessed, Kevin.