Tuesday, February 05, 2008

I For One Am Terrified

What do people mean when they say 'I am not afraid of God because he is good?' Have they never been to a dentist? - C.S. Lewis

Back in college I went through a period where lake's were a recurring theme in my preaching. I tried to contrast the difference between a lake like relationship to God and a river relationship. Lakes being contained bodies of water are great for jet skying and pontoon boats. Lakes are safe. Rivers by contrast are flowing, changing bodies of water. Our river by camp can be too high and fast to get into at one point in the summer, and to low and slow to be any fun at all a few weeks later. Rivers are constantly changing. Most people I know want God to look like a Lake. People want a God who is safe and dependable. People want a God who stays in is hole in the ground and is available for scheduled visits.

God is much more like a river. His path for our relationship is ever changing. His ways do not always seem safe. His ways do not always sound exciting. God may be good, but he is not tame to make another Lewis reference.

A lot of change has come in my life over the past two years. A lot of change has come in my wife's life over the last three months. I have to tell you, I think we are in the midst of some exciting rapids. I know that God is calling us to an exciting adventure he is preparing to reveal. Like Lewis says, I know that adventure is good. I also must admit that it scares me. God's calling is contrary to my comfort. God's calling is never to remain at stasis. I am excited with anticipation, and mortified with wonder.


Erin said...


Some times all there is to do is to hang on...

Anonymous said...

Kevin - Your post gave me chills...very well said! I am excited about all that God is doing in your lives, you are incredible people. Molly C.