Tuesday, August 07, 2007

You Are Chosen By an Extraordinary King

Jane Espenson in her article " Harry Potter and the Secret to Selling Sci-Fi: " points to the reality that what makes stories about Harry Potter, Luke Skywalker, and Dorthy Gale have such universal appeal, as compared to many other characters and stories is,

They're living a life, sometimes a fine one, often a troubled one, but certainly one governed by ordinary rules, when suddenly the curtain is pulled back and a whole new world, or a new set of rules of this world, is revealed. And what's more - and this is the important part - in that new world, they are something special. They are The Chosen One.

Isn't that the reality behind John 10:10 - Christ came to give us ABUNDANT LIFE! We are CHOSEN ADOPTED children of the FAMOUS and ALMIGHTY king. We live in a new world, a new kingdom governed by new rules. When we build our life on the old dead structures we are living CONTRARY to the truths of this new world!

We as God's people need to live as citizens of his kingdom, and be about his business after all he CHOSE US!

Famous One (Live From Austin Music Hall)

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