Sunday, August 19, 2007

Thank God For Brad

I intended to continue writing about my frustrations with VBS and the children's ministry as a whole. I was going to diss on the fact that children's sunday was canceld this year and other issues, but then I watched Brad. Brad is absolutely my HERO at church. I watch him often, HONORED by the way he quietly serves the king's business. Brad is not an "on stage" person. No he is the type who bends over to pick up a dropped pencil. He is the type to make sure everyone recieves a hug. He is the kind who loves people because he loves God. I need more Brad in my life to remind me that the Kingdom is about the people, not about the events, the plans, and the ministries. Thank you God for Brad.

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Niki said...

Love this! Keep seeing the people God gives the quiet jobs to. Not everyone can be the artsy fartsy types like us...what a world it would be if it were so!

Kevin, I love your blog and plan to frequent here more often. I love your gut wrenching honesty and passionate response to the world. I am so glad to call you friend. We need to chat sometime very soon about this healing stuff!

I love you Kevin!