Friday, July 21, 2006

I Admit I Made A Mistake

I admit that I made a mistake. I agreed to do to many things this summer. I should NOT have agreed to camp, VBS, and the race track. My schedule just does not allow it. I originally told people NO to VBS but when the ministry list for the year was published my name was on it, despite saying I would not do it. I let it go and decided I would make it work.

I tried a few weeks ago to cancel VBS and was brutally attacked for the suggestion. So again, I sucked it up, put something together and decided to maker it work.

Today I get an ABSOLUTELY HARASSING email from one of our elder's wives.

I plan to be at the cookout tonight, so you can just scrawl out the information I requested below with you and hand it to me then, if that's easier for you.
It goes on from there with the details of what I am needing to scrawl out.

Here is my dilemma... I was very stern in the fact that I would plan VBS and would do the opening and closing program. I was very stern that I would not be able to do volunteer recruitment, but would talk on the phone with any volunteer that needed more direction than my Handout.

I have SERIOUSLY considered leaving this church over the way this lady CONSTANTLY treats me. She is the VERY REASON I did not want to do VBS in the first place!

Now I have admitted I overbooked. I am FIRM now in the fact I will NEVER lead VBS again, but what should I do now?????


gerbmom said...

Aw Kevin -
That sucks and I have been in the very same place many times. And I just roll over and do it. I have always let people walk all over me. Now that I am older I figure I am entitled to say NO loud and clear and stick to it no matter what others think of me. But since you are this far into the situation I don't know what to tell you. I think I would kindly, but firmly, remind this woman what your comittment was/is and why - you are seriously over booked this summer, and you need to have time for your family, as well as your sanity. Delegate to her - it seems she wants to do things her way anyway...If she gets upset - so be it, but she needs to respect you and your no.
But don't let her chase you away if your really feel God wants you in your church.
Did I mention that I hate confict resolution? LOL. Praying.

Carris Family said...
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Anonymous said...

Kevin - Honestly I have never ever read your blog, and yet tonight - so strange I happened upon it. You, Christi and the girls are an INCREDIBLE blessing to everyone around you. I am SO thankful for your friendships and your leadership.

People are stupid. How stinkin' frustrating. It is hard in this venue to express my complete understanding and empathy, just know I HATE situations like this, or to hear about people treated like this. You are valued and appreciated, and sometimes people are just morons. You have so many gifts and talents. You using them to serve our Lord and Savior is a blessing and example to so many people. There are people whose gifts can help balance things. Delegate. Let me know what you need and I can recruite some help. I wish we were in a position to help more...although there has to be something I can do. Don't get too discouraged, or let a few people bother you, you are loved by many. You are in my prayers. Molly

GoteeMan said...

I just gotta say, folks, and let me be gentle, but blunt here:
Love you, dudes.