Friday, April 05, 2019

The Historian (a Facebook comment)

As a "historian" surely you are aware of the "Southern Strategy" which began in the late sixties and continued as the main growth fact of the Republican party through the mid-eighties.

As a "historian" surely you are aware with the Republican party's marriage to the evangelical right to promote the control of women by limiting their access to the basic liberty of bodily autonomy and access to make their own healthcare decisions.

As a "historian" surely you recognize that the "Rockefeller Republican" which supported strong labor markets, the establishment and growth of the state university system, and the largest infrastructure projects in American history were all excised from the party by the Goldwater Republicans in the 60s and 70s.

I would love to have an engaged debate about the merits of how the Republican platform is the platform of classical liberalism, but it needs to involve the actual present platform not the accomplishments of those who would be labeled RINOs today.

However, let's debate the merits rather than use NewSpeak terms like "post modern neo marxist" which mean absolutely nothing but sound scary to those without a degree in philosophy.

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