Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Galbraith Is Magic - The Cuckoo's Calling

In life we find oursleves in the prescence of magic.  As we read we discover this magic too.  As I was travelling to and from Chicago this week I decided to listen to an Audible recommended read.  This is a new author, and am I ever glad the algorithms that be thought I would enjoy this book, because oh boy did I ever.

Cukoo's Calling is just another murder mystery, with just another Columbo hero.  Although the actual story was only average, a good mystery with a good twist ending; there was something in the writing style that made the book special.

Rober Galbraith had a very rare talent.  He writes with cadence.  There is a magic to his style, it is like a well directed play or movie that moves along with a pace that is clearly designed to entertain and evoke a precise emotion at a precise moment.  In many ways I use this word magic precisely be his writing moves with the same sene of direction and levity that I first fell in ove with reading the Harry Potter novels.  In many ways it seems as if Galbraith grew up reading the Potter novels and has taken the magic of Rowling's unique style and applied to a story of murder and mystery.

I am definitely looking forward to reading more by Galbraith.  The story clearly leaves room for more.  I encourage everyone I know who loves to read to enjoy this book.  I think we as readers are going to need to have a lot more oppourtunities to enjoy his work. Let's hope that is made possible by the monetary success of his debut work.

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