Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Jesus: His Commands (5 of 14)

This is part 5 of a 14 part piece. Start here to read it through:

Do Not Cast PearlsMatthew 7:6 — Jesus knew the world had a great many people who would be drunk on their own self righteousness. Knowing this, he warned those who followed his way not to attempt to collude with their power for their advancement. Linking this teaching with the preceding commandment against judgementalism, Jesus warned that those who seek power, by the means of the powerful's tools would find themselves destroyed by the very allies they attempted to use.

Ask, Seek, and KnockMatthew 7:7–8, Luke 11:9-10 — Rather than the alignment with the power brokers in the conventional powers of this world, Jesus here commands reliance on a new kind of giving. The powerful of this world can give only from the resources of this kingdom. Jesus however reminds that submission to his kingdom requires reliance on the resources of his Kingdom. Ask, Seek, Knock is a promise to meet the needs of those seeking to practice new creation in the broken places of the current kingdom.

Treat Others As You Want To Be TreatedMatthew 7:12, Luke 6:35 — This command is Jesus' own “Cliff Notes” on the law and the prophets. This command is rooted in God's identity as 'Love' and reminds us again that we are to practice preservation and illumination in the world. It calls us to trust in God's promise to provide every need for the perfect reconciliation of this 'Very Good' creation. It commands us to act that way, despite the motivations and goals of the other and despite personal costs it may appear to ourselves.

Enter the Narrow GateMatthew 7:13–14, Luke 13:34 — Jesus words are not easy. Alignment with least of these and those nearest to the heart of God is no way to success in this kingdom. Jesus commands his followers to be salt, to be light, to practice selfless sacrifice as the marks of Kingdom of God citizens.

Beware of False ProphetsMatthew 7:15 — Echoed by John in Revelation, Jesus reminds that there are those who will speak the language of Jesus, but intend it to solidify their power in the kingdom of this world. Jesus warns in this command to watch the actions and outcomes to see if it is power of love that is being sown by those who claim to speak on God's behalf.

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