Saturday, August 29, 2009

Kingdom, New Creation, & Church

I am currently reading Neil Carter's book "Christ in Y'all" and I was very impressed by this section:

Jesus said that the Good News was that the Kingdom of God had come. In fact, it seems he couldn't stop talking about the kingdom – only he never defined what that kingdom is. He kept telling stories, each one illustrating a different facet of kingdom life. He seemed determined to couch this great thing in mystery, never flly discolising what it would look like or how it would come. We are led in the end, to look to the epistles to discover what the kingdom of God signifies. What we find there, however, is that Paul exchanges the language of kingdom for that of new creation, He speaks of a coming age in which all things are reconciled to God. And somehow, this new world becomes available to us here and now by God's indwelling Spirit.

I believe this is the best definition of what it means to be in Christ's church I have ever read.

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