Friday, May 29, 2009

Book Giveaway: From Eternity To Here - June 9th

I am excited to be participating in a blog circuit for Frank Viola's book From Eternity to Here on June 9th. If you did not read my review of the book here or on The Ooze in the past, you can do so now, - I do believe this is the most important, life changing book I have read this year.

F.E.T.H. is the third book in a trilogy by Viola. Starting in Pagan Christianity, Viola launched an outright attack on the perverted system of religion that culturally dominates under the name of Christianity. In Reimaging Church, he offers a constructive how to guide as a constructive response to Pagan Christianity. Finally in From Eternity To Her, the conclusion to the trilogy, you realize that you can't read this book without understanding that, in the way Pagan Christianity was an academic attack on the institutional church this is a narrative attack on it.

I facilitated a discussion on the book which you can listen to here if you are interested in a more detailed breakdown of the book's theme's and elements. However, an even better way to capture the book's message is to get a copy. SO, in honor of the June 9th blog circuit. I am giving away a FREE COPY of the book. Add your name to the comments on this post between now and June 8th, and then my son will draw a name from those participating to select a winner, which will be announced along with Viola's response to several questions I had about the book in the June 9th post right here..


PeaNuht said...

I'm going to have to read this... Though the bit I read sounds like Post-Modern ideals, which in itself it blending with Eastern Thought a bit to much.

I'll trade you books... I read this, you read one I pick...

Kris Socall said...

Add me!!

Adam Mearse said...

Huge fan of Frank Viola! He'll drive me from the traditional church yet!

Unknown said...

Here is my name. I just got Reimagining Church (at a Goodwill no less) and am looking forward to reading it (when I have time).

Put me down for the giveaway!

Thanks bro!


Elysa said...

Would this book make sense to me if I've not read the first to yet?