Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Swazi Mission - February Update

I get asked a lot if we are still leaving for Swaziland. I can only answer, "Yes, I still feel the Lord is leading us there." However I do understand, that after a year and little having appeared to change in our lives where the question come from.

So in order to elivate the wonder, I decided maybe I should start doing monthly newsletters. To a certain point, I worry about these month after month stating the same problem, "waiting on the house to sell." I still feel people would like this reminder.

On another note, I guess it is better to have MORE PEOPLE praying for the sell of the house. We are very anxious to transition into this work, but we must sell our house in order to do so. I do ask you to join us in praying toward that end.

Anyway, without further ado February 2009 Bowman Newsletter

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Mark said...

nice newsletter and amazing website! you are definitely in our prayers.