Friday, August 08, 2008

10 Years - A Marriage Celebration

To say that I have the greatest marriage on earth, would probably not be incrorrect. Ten years ago my lovely bride and I, spring chickens that we were, exchanged our vows and began this adventure that is marriage. In ten years I can count the number of times we have had screaming fights on one hand. In ten years, it would take not even a single finger to count the number of times we have carried a fight into lingering silence. Don't get me wrong, we both get mad at each other, but our complementary personalities, and commitment to God's kind of marital love always work the problem out quickly.

Successful marriage is a lot more than a void of volatility, it is also a mutual passion for the same purposes. I have heard many times that the secret to a great marriage is comprimise. I disagree, because I have only rarely comprimised with Christi, and it has always been over minor decisions like dinner, an outfit, or meaningless things like that. The secret to our success is our communication and willingness to come to a shared vision for any decision. By buying in together into an idea or decision we have no reason to look back regreting and wondering if we made the things we gave up were worht the outcome.

This year, in addition to being a milestone, is even MORE EXCITING as I watch Christi in her new stage of life, as God has brought her an amazing freedom from her past addictions and the abuse that caused them, and opended the door to new oppurtunites for her to be a support for others who have shared similar pain. Even more than that, I am excited by the healing power this transformation will have as she invests into the women and children of Swaziland. It is so clear by her own healing, and my skills and passions that God has brought us together from the very begining to fill this purpose.

I think this post rambled a lot. So to summarize, I love my wife more than you can imagine, and am excited for the adventure God has in store for us. May the next 10 years, be even better than these first 10!


gerbmom said...

happy, happy anniversary Kevin!! congratulations!! :)

Christi Bowman said...

Happy Anniversary!!

<3 <3 <3 I love you honey! <3 <3 <3