Monday, November 19, 2007

Davenport Youth Rally

The family and I traveled to Davenport Iowa this weekend to speak at the youth rally hosted by my old college friend Chris Merches. His event had about 50 kids and I spoke 3 times. That was twice on Saturday and then Sunday morning service.

The theme of the event was "More Than Meets the Eye" with Romans 12:2 as the theme verse.

I have included the outlines and audio of all three talks below.

Transformers 1From Exile to A Kingdom OutlineAudio
Transformers 2Do Not ConformOutline Audio
Transformers 3Sanctifying Grace Outline Audio
I did need to remark on talk 2, that the introduction was pilfered with permission from Mark Moore, with the conclusion adapted from his same message.

Additionally, I am so thankful for the organizations mentioned as making a difference in the poverty of this world. I would recommend the work of Mission Lazarus and also Children's Hope Chest.

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