Wednesday, March 14, 2007

My Daughter's Leprechaun Trap

Here is the Leprechaun trap I built for Ella's school. It was an assignment that became an obsession and got a little out of hand. The trap has over $60 worth of supplies in it, and cost over a $100 when you take into account ideas that did not make it into the final product. It was lot of fun to build. The main emphasis of the piece is a radiometer that is designed to attract the leprechaun's attention. There are also jingle bells and gold buttons dangling from the top.

When we were designing it, my daughter and I decided that slime was the only solution for successfully capturing a leprechaun. Since these beasts are nefarious for the ability to escape the trappings of gold collectors, we decided that a slimy sticky mess was only sure footed way to secure the mythical creature.

So here are the pics:


gerbmom said...

I'd hate to see what happens with 5th grade projects.....LOL.
Lemme know if she catches a leprechaun!

Anonymous said...

Itemize It


Kevin J Bowman said...

Wood: $6
Astroturf - $12
Bolts: $5
Glue & Paint - $7
Radiometer: $11
Hole Saw - $9
Fishing Line - $3
Buttons & Bells - $2
Cups - $2
Lamp - $7

Grand Total - $64

Anonymous said...

You'd better hope you don't catch one... check this out...