Thursday, January 11, 2007


I used to love Paypal, in fact I am over a 5 year veteran customer. I (and my wife) have a Paypal trust score over 400 and an Ebay Feedback rating over 900. We have NEVER had a bad transaction on Ebay or Paypal until a few weeks ago.

We went into a short term money making transaction with a good friend of ours. He had bought several PS3 and Nintendo Wiiis and we were running the auctions. After we sold the first 3 Paypal without any warrant LOCKED our account and initiated an account re-verification. This was literally the next day.

As I spent 2 weeks fighting with Paypal to reactivate our account, my friend opened a NEW paypal account and a NEW ebay account with NO HISTORY and sold an additional 5 units without any intervention by the Paypal.

Needless to say, I concluded that my business with Paypal was done! Then today to reinforce that idea, I read this news story (explicit language). Paypal is dead to me!

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