Friday, December 02, 2005


I feel very dispossessed right now!

I am not satisfied at my church at ALL!!! I would even go so far as to say disatisfied. I now after a year, no longer feel it has even the potential to change. Young people will be scowled at, marginalized, and treated as an inconvience forever because they don't like the fact that children make noise. I will NEVER apologize for my children being children. They are good kids, even the 16 month old monster.

I don't feel I can go back to the old church. It is 35 minutes away and truthfully, though the people there are like family, I don't know I fit in there either. I am libertarian/anarchist social liberal and I never in 7 years really meshed with "God Save the Bush's Republicanism."

I think I want to plant a church. We will be called "the dispossed:" We will meet in a Warehouse with a locker room where the homeless can shower, it will have a kitchen where we can feed the hungry. It will be a place of refuge first, and an assembly place for "worship service" second.

It will not have a cool projector, stained glass, or an awesome sound system. We will not stream our services.

We will train people how to use computers, care for children, and improve lives.

We will be a place where people lower their cripple friends through the roof, for a chance to be healed by Jesus. (Allegorically I mean, I'm an evangelical conservative Christian afterall)

I am a dispossessed pilgrim.


kingsjoy said...

Kevin, no words of wisdom here (not that you were asking). But, prayers are going up. I would guess He's stirring you up to tell you something special. Keep us posted!

Anonymous said...

Brother, let the spirit continue to work in you. Remember we are not here to judge but to serve. You know you are loved by many in many different famlies. And you should especially know that there is "A Place of Refuge" in Rockford where you and your little ones are missed and will always be welcome. Come and make some beautiful noise with us. No words of wisdom here either, just more prayers.

Anonymous said...

What about not going to church at all for a while?

Also, I like your political parties. Did you know that one of my favorite christians of history was an anarchist himself (thought he didn't call himself that): Leon Tolstoy. His writing is the best.

The chuch you described reminded me immediately of David's cave. He was refuge to the lonely and depressed.

Kevin J Bowman said...

Not going to church for a while is not a viable option for me. I understand some people can do that, but I need the "gathering of the saints" to center my focus. I need the teaching of the word to inspire my mid for him.

Additionally I have a 4 year old. I need her to see the assembling of God's people as important as well.

PeaNuht said...

I'm with you... on allot of aspects of the thing we call worship service. One - I yawn at old acapella (sp?) music...It doesn't lift me up or help me worship God. A bit odd growing up in the CoC, but I need passionate music! Two - Latly I have gotten more out of Bible study then I have from a lesson from the pit. Like you Bowman I in no way, could stop going for a bit...It's FAR to important to me and my family. But I do miss getting my praise on.