Saturday, December 10, 2005

2 Saturdays Before Christmas

Ella and Anna Santa 2005

Ella & Anna Santa 2005

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Christmas Photos

Girls Cuddle

Girls on Knees

Girls Sitting

Girls on Train

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Wow!!! What a day the Bowman family had. We have been to two malls, waited in line to see Santa for an hour and a half, and printed 50 dark colored shirts front and back.

We started the day at Stratford to get the girls pictures made at Picture People, and decided to wait the hour to see the pics. While we were waiting we went to see a magician who was performing in Kohl's. My 4 year old got on stage twice and totally upstaged him both times. I being a performer myself was quite proud of her natural abilty to draw the crowds attention.

With our hour finally over we picked out our pictures (which you can see if you use the password above. ) and left to go work at the T-Shirt shop and allow our toddler her nap.

So our next adventure was Woodfield Mall to see Santa. This resulted in the one and a half wait that included a 25 minute non moving period while Santa went to "feed the reindeer." That was lovely!

On our way home from the mall my 4 year old suggested we play a game on our "Gamecube." I tried to argue that we did not have a Gamecube. She argued back that we did because she saw me pick up a Gamecube at Fry's Electronics and then mommy took her to see MP3 players. I think her little 4 year old mind was quite proud she had connected the dots and figured out a gift on her own.

So that is our crazy day. If you want to see the pictures send me an email and I will give you the password.


Randy said...

I guess the GameCube is going be from mommy and daddy now, instead of Santa. She is sharp enough to figure out that Santa wouldn't have brought a gift you bought. Bowmans are so smart!!!

kingsjoy said...

Kevin, thanks for the ecard. Your girls are beautiful. Blessings to you this Christmas season!

Anonymous said...

woot!! Kevin is an IT manager?! and to think you could be my boss... Though being a Server Engineer I just make the manager look good. :) Marry Christmas and your Little girls are cute...must got their looks from you. ;)

gerbmom said...

Yep, I so would have guessed Stratford Square and Woodfield. Good to know you neighbor - I live between Winfield and West Chicago. Just thought I'd say hi and Merry Christmas! :)