Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Sun Tzu and The Art of Church

It is the perfect name for a book. Allow me the indulgence of begining with the enemies strategy. The enemy knows if he can keep us busy with the duties of our religion then we are safe with the radical life altering changes that can occur when we become consumed by relationship with God.

I am at camp, and I am working to be a positive example in the lives of these kids. I am trying to show them the glory of an almighty God who loves them in an amazing way. While I am in the midst of all of this, and should be spending my thought life figuring ways to bless these kids, instead I am consumed with plotting my revenge on a fellow soldier.

I know for a fact I am smarter, better studied, and more articulate than this brother. I know for a fact that my analysis on the problem of pride was correct. I know for a fact this brother is merely reguritating the poor theology of an out of touch...

Intresting to me, I would be having these thoughts. I preached on the problem of pride, I was attcked by a fellow soldier of Christ, and I am consumed by my own pride. I am a victim of the problem of the message. How can I impact these kids, how can Christ impact me when my focus is on ME and my hurt for his attack. How can I have room to teach humilty and service to these kids when I am planning a response and revenge?

I cling to his violation of Matthew 18, as I wallow in my own pride. The Bible equates pride with witchcraft and I am the brother with a plank in my eye.

The art of Church is humbly understanding who the enemy is. My brother, though his attack was quick and pointed is not the enemy. The readers, who rallied behind his attack on me, who responded to act upon his sugestions that I be tarred and feathered (OK, I know he didn't suggest that, but it seemed better in the flow) are not the enemy. The enemy is Satan. The fallen morning star of heaven, the accussor of the saints, the father of lies.

The key to victory as a church is to understand the enemy. Know who he is and how he works to face us upon each other. Know who he is, and understand his agenda. Know who he is, and do not be sidetracked by the diversions he creates.

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