Friday, April 08, 2005

Ella's Letter Chart

For Those of you just surfing here, or here because of my witty political rants from time to time, you will not care the least about this post. But for my family, and friends, I present (not that they actually care either, but what can I say I am proud dad) Ella's letter chart.

As you can see we have currently mastered the letters A,C,E,F, and I. Although D is stickered, we do still have some problems with it. Our current goal is to have the first 8 letters of the alphabet down by next Friday.
I should also note, that the Flash Card box says ages 4-6!!!! She is only 3!!!


Cliff said...

I care, she is a very smart little girl. However, when we ask her on the phone to tell us what she has learned on the ABC chart she quickly wanted to talk to someone else.

Kevin J Bowman said...

It is intresting actually I learned after we had already started that yiou were not supposed to teach the alphabet in alphabetical order. We are through L now and so since we are half way there. I figure I will do it right when we start the phonetics of the alphabet after we finsih the letters.